5 Tips for Roofing Social Media growth!

In the roofing industry Social Media is either overlooked or used in a non strategic way which, while not entirely detrimental to your business could be losing you some very important and free exposure. The main problem is learning what to post and sometimes even how to post. Today I will be going over 5 easy social media tips that any roofing company can use. Just a disclaimer we will be focusing more on Facebook and Instagram.  


One simple and easy tip is to be active as much as you can. Now, there are a lot of social media platforms so being active on every one of them is a job itself. I would focus on one or two main platforms that you can quickly access on your phone. Facebook and Instagram are the most popular and they make it easy to not only share on the fly but also plan your posts so you don't have to worry about uploading content during your busiest hours. Being active doesn't mean daily posts, in fact, you can usually upload posts every other day or find a day either at the beginning or end of the week to post good content. Every roofing business is different and it will take time to figure out what your audience likes but if you post your jobs, people who work for you, or even just cool things you see at your projects, it will go a long way in showing who your company is.   

2. Photo and Video are POWERFUL

“A picture is worth a thousand words” has never been truer in today’s social media landscape. While the classic text posts can still bring attention, photos and videos are the quickest way to show someone what they are looking at. Here at King Construction we take media very seriously which is why we use drones and expensive cameras but don't fret, if you have a smartphone that is at least 3-5 years old then you most likely have a fairly decent camera that can take great photos and videos. The most important thing to remember is to take photos both vertically (up and down) and horizontally (on the side). This allows you to have content that can be used in stories, photo posts and even on your website or other platforms. I would also recommend making an album or some sort of system to keep track of the photos like if they are from a certain job, area or any other category that could help you keep track of your content. Remember, reusing content is such a useful way to have something to post even on days where you were not able to get any cool videos or photos.   

3. Hashtags are your friend!

So this could be a little complex if you are new to social media and how it works but hashtags are essentially search words that people can look up to find content related to that tag. For instance, we use the hashtag #kingconstructionusa so when people look up our company or our hashtag every post that we have tagged will show up in their search results. You can also hashtag anything related to your company so here in Florida we will hashtag #floridaroofing or maybe #centralflorida because that is where our company operates. I also suggest coming up with hashtags that you can add to every post and then creating a word doc or a note that has those hashtags already written out so when you caption your post you can just copy and paste those hashtags over. For example if I was a roofing company in Asheville, North Carolina I would have hashtags like #NCRoofing #NCRoofingContractor #northcarolina #ashevilleroofing #roofing #roofingcontractor #myroofingcompany on every one of my posts and then have a place where I can copy and paste them from each time I post. Again, depending on where you live you can find general hashtags to add and very specific hashtags like your company name or your city or county.   

4. Brand yourself!

Just like with your logo, vehicles and other branded material you should be branding your Instagram or Facebook page too! Now without going in depth with crazy photo editing software you should be incorporating your company’s colors in any way you can! That means getting photos or videos of anything that has your brand in it. If you do want to take it a step further and edit your photos to add more color or even just your logo to your pictures you can always sign up for Adobe Photoshop for only a couple of dollars a month. If that is still too much then there are great free websites that can help you make photo editing super easy like Canva. The important thing to remember is to make sure once you find your brand try your best to stick to it. For our company we stick heavily to our company colors which are neon green, blue and white. From our photos to our videos those colors are somewhere in the video to make sure people associate them with our company. Check the description below for some more free or alternative programs for photoshop!   

5. Keep it SIMPLE

At the end of the day social media can feel really overwhelming especially if you are just getting into it. While all these tips I just gave are great I still think that staying active and keeping your content simple will help grow your social media presence. Don’t let other companies who have nice production keep you down. Social media is all about sharing what YOU do and as long as you have a phone with a decent camera and connection to the internet then you have the same chance of exposure as the guys with thousands of dollars worth of camera gear. Show your followers and potential customers what you do, who does it, and that you enjoy your work so much that you want to show it off. 


Overall social media is a beast and that's why the bigger companies pay someone to manage their pages but with your phone and a creative mind you can also get right into the social media game. There are many things to learn with social media but as long as you stick to being active and keeping your content simple and to the point then you should be able to slowly build an audience and who knows, maybe go viral which is one of the greatest rewards for good social media content. Remember this just roofing but with the right camera angles and excitement to show off your work then it can be as entertaining as watching something on HGTV. 
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