Do Roofers Give Free Estimates?

There are many reasons to have your roof inspected to identify issues such as roof leak, missing shingles, and other roof repair or maintenance. It’s practical for prospective home buyers to check their home’s roof as it’s an essential factor to consider before they make a purchase. Additionally, doing this helps new and existing homeowners to keep their type of roof in good condition. Then comes the estimate.

Yes, most if not all roofers will provide a free estimate before doing any work to your homes roofing system. It's great to get several estimates to make a comparison, but if you know what makes a good estimate, you may not need to get several.

Your roof's appearance can be deceptive about its actual condition, which is why you have to seek professional assistance. However, roof repairs, alongside complete replacement, can cost the homeowner a significant amount of cash.

According to HomeAdvisor, roofing repairs cost an average of between $316 and $1,015, with most US homeowners paying around $652. However, the roof size and extent of repairs required can increase to up to $1,900. Routine roof inspections can help forestall extensive roof damage and therefore manage future roof repair costs. The significant amount of money that goes into roof repairs has led many people to ask if roofers give free estimates. 

Choosing a roofing estimate

It all begins with knowing whether your roof is damaged. For instance, if you have a leaking roof or missing shingles, you’ll require an estimate to determine how much it will cost to resolve the specific problem. The quote will enable you to appreciate the cost involved in finding a solution to a particular issue and must be included in the line-by-line cost, material and labor breakdown and the time to complete the job. Moore, a roofing expert, assures clients of specific estimates that tell them exactly how many square feet the company is quoting before work begins. 

If you need an Orlando roofer company to assess your roof condition, examine problems, and ascertain the remaining roof lifespan before you require a replacement, a reputable roofing contractor can help find a solution for your roofing needs. However, numerous companies offer free inspection as a marketing tool, which they later convert into an estimate. This inspection type shouldn't be mistaken for the kind of roof examination you require to sell your property.

How many estimates do you need for a new roof?

You’ve probably have heard to get three estimates when you have to undertake a roof repair, replacement, or any other home improvement project. As helpful as that suggestion is, getting quotes from three different roofer companies may not always be a feasible option. There are vital things to consider when selecting a roofing contractor and identifying how many estimates you need before finally settling on one professional. 

When you’re talking to a roofer company, ensure to find out how long they've been in the business, the type of experience and expertise they have, and how much they’ll charge for your specific project. Their responses should give you a good understanding of what you’re dealing with and rate their customer services. Consider talking to as many roofers as possible rather than limiting yourself to a certain number, perhaps until you find the right company that’s best suited for your project.

What does a roofing estimate include?

If you’re undertaking roofing works for the first time, you may be astonished by the vast differences in estimates between the various roofing companies. Since you’ll most likely get a quote from three roofing companies, you’ll have to weigh the differences in addition to any extras either company will offer. Although roofers usually provide free estimates, inspection attracts a cost that varies based on the specific location.

While some companies will offer handwritten proposals, others may present a detailed soft copy version. Others will also give theirs using a roofing estimate template. Whichever form they use, the estimates must contain essential details. When going over them, it’s best to look out for the following information including;

  • Material and labor cost

  • Clean-up and debris removal cost

  • Contract during including start and completion dates

  • Payment terms


Every quote or estimate presented must contain details about the type of materials that they’ll use for your project. Ensure to find warranty information on the various items used and their work quality. Likewise, you should ensure that all estimates include the roofer's license, insurance liability, and workman's compensation.

Several people wonder whether roofing projects are necessary, but you need to know how much you’ll require to start and complete the job as you do for every project. If you’re going to undertake roof repair and complete roof placement, it will help if you had a roof estimate to guide you in shortlisting your roofing companies. It will also serve as a quality assurance tool for selecting the right roofing contractor.

Is there any difference between an estimate and inspection?

These terms can be particularly confusing for most homeowners since the majority of roofing companies offer both services. While estimates are free, several contractors provide an inspection for a charge. Despite this, there’s a difference between the two terms.

Assuming you’re aware of your roofing needs, let's say a complete roof replacement, a leak repair, or your fixing missing shingles, then you can opt for an estimate. In such a situation, you’ll better appreciate the work that needs to be completed and look closely at the cost information. Homeowners who aren't sure about the state of their roofing and need to realize how much longer it will last should plan an inspection. Doing this can likewise help you detect further issues you may not have noticed earlier.

Getting a free roof estimate is as simple as requesting an inspection from the roofer company. It’s worth noting that every roofing contractor knows how to estimate roofing, and many of them will come to inspect your roof first. However, not all of them provide certification. Orlando roofing services can provide for your specific roofing needs if you’re in Orlando and need an estimate and inspection or complete roof replacement.



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