Florida's New Roofing Insurance Law SB-76

Hello everyone, Maxwell the roof doc here with an important message to homeowners.

Recently here in the state of Florida our legislation passed State Bill 76 which was primarily aimed to help insurance companies and homeowners lower the cost of property insurance and reduce insurance payouts. Part of this bill will directly affect roofing contractors and while we respect the laws within our beautiful state, there has been some misinformation spreading throughout home owners associations, social media, the insurance industry, and other places where homeowners receive information from their insurance providers.

But first, what is the new law exactly?

The Florida state legislature passed Senate Bill 76 on the last day of the session. The bill is meant to fight fraud and increased insurance rates for consumers from their property insurers. The bill has consequences for both admitted and surplus line carriers. Senate Bill 76 will come into effect on July 1, 2021, and will address some of the more significant imbalances which have been used to squeeze insurance carriers in the state.

Senate Bill 76 addresses a number of issues in the homeowners' insurance market.

The bill will help to shift the balance of power away from the plaintiffs side by enacting the following new laws:

  • Replacing Florida's one-way attorney fee statute with a more balanced formula for determining fee recovery, and eliminating the use of a fee multiplier.
  • A two-year statutory notice period for new and reopened property insurance claims, and a three-year statutory notice period for supplemental claims.
  • The notice of intent to sue must be given to the insurance company at least ten days before the suit is filed.
  • If multiple suits are brought under the same policy, notice should be given to the assignees of benefits so that cases may be consolidated where appropriate.

Senate Bill 76 contains provisions to reduce the flood of roofing claims, including:

  • A law for roofers and their agents from making certain aggressive, prohibited advertisements.
  • Prohibiting contractors from interpreting insurance company policies or offering advice to insureds regarding duties under an insurance policy.
  • Preventing of contractors to offer advice to insureds about duties under an insurance company policy.
  • Prohibits contractors and public adjusters to offer anything of value in order to get permission to perform a roof inspection, interpret polices, file an insurance claim, or adjust a claim on the homeowners behalf, or assist with a supplemental claim.
    Prohibiting referral fees for roof claims; and
  • Contractors are required to provide a cost estimate for labor and materials when entering into a contract.
  • There is a $10,000 penalty for violating the above prohibitions.

Misinformation In The Roofing Industry

Here at King Construction USA we pride ourselves on providing homeowners with information that is correct and we wanted to share with you some of the misinformation that has been spread and give you the correct information.

To begin, roofing businesses are still allowed to canvas neighborhoods, door knock and leave promotional material at your home. We respect every homeowner’s right to privacy and our canvassers never harass or pressure homeowners to work with our company.

Second, this bill was passed to cut down on the amount of roofing scams that are common in our state, especially during hurricane season. At King Construction, not only are we licensed, bonded and insured but we have also been servicing the central Florida area for over 16 years. We pride ourselves on delivering quality roofing services as well as catering to our customers by helping them understand exactly what the process is to get them a new roof and helping them every step of the way.

Third, we can still help homeowners with their insurance claims but we are not allowed to use predatory advertising that offers anything along the lines of a free roof for the price of a deductible. Our company works with homeowners every day to help them file a claim to get their roof repaired and we will continue to do so. We never offer any kind of incentive or actual cash to file a claim or promise anything that we cannot deliver.

Finally, we want you to be able to research this bill on your own so below you can visit the Florida State Senate website to read through the actual bill or find key highlights that corroborate the information we are giving you here.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to helping you and any other homeowners in the state of Florida with their roofing needs.

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