How to check if a roofing company is bonded & insured?

Most roofing companies will advertise that they are licensed, bonded and insured. Any roofing company can simply make these statements, but how do you know they are legit? The first and simple way is to ask the contractor for documentation of insurance. But fist lets go over the types of credentials needs for a roofer to be considered completely covered. 

Bonded Roofing Company

What does it mean to bonded. In short terms the bond is protection for getting the work done. We've all heard horror stories of hiring a contractor for any type of job, paying the deposit and then never seeing the contractor again. Sometimes work is started and then never finished. This could be even worse than if the contractor just simply disappeared because a new company coming in to finish the job may have different work flows, use different materials, and have different costs. Meaning more money out of pocket for you.

Hiring bonded roofing contractors ensures that the contracted scope of work is covered just in case things fall through. Through the bond your would receive compensation to cover your losses if the job is not finished. 

Workers Comp Insurance

Workers comp insurance is extremely important for a roofing contractor to have. Why? If a worker injures themselves by falling off your roof, injures themselves with one of the tools or any other type of accident, the worker could hold you responsible if it happens on your property. With valid workers comp insurance the homeowner is covered from these types of claims through the contractors insurance. 

If the company did not have workers comp insurance you could be holding the bag for emergency room visits, doctors, and after care of the worker. Make sure the insurance policies include workers compensation that covers each person before selecting your roofing contractors.

Liability Insurance

Another type of coverage a roofing company should have is liability insurance. This covers mistakes or accidents that might happen during or even after the job and covers your actual property. 

Reputable contractors have this type of insurance because lets face it, accidents can and will happen from time to time. But that doesn't mean you should page for it. Consumers hiring for their roofing project shouldn't have to worries about any mishaps that damage their property or home. Normally this type of insurance is required for the company to get their business license but its always a good idea to confirm its existence.

Protect Your Home

Now you know the three types of insurance that a reputable roofing company should carry. Having these three types of insurance protect the entire roofing installation process including you and your home. Roofing contractors know to carry these policies and should provide proof of insurance on any policy you request. If they refuse to show you proof of these policies it may be a good indicator that they are not in place.

Take pictures of your roof before work begins in case any incidents arise whether through negligence or complete accident the adjuster for the roofing contractor will have a hard time disputing coverage if you have photographic evidence.

Along with insurance any reliable roofing contractor will also have a contractors license. These licenses also require most of the insurances we've covered in this article. Ensuring your roofing contractor has the proper licensing and insurance policies will save you headaches when accidents or mishaps happen. 


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