What property managers should look for when partnering with a roofing contractor.

As a property manager, choosing the right roofing contractor for the first time is very important. It saves you time, money and headaches. Your business relationship and roofing services, whether routine roofing repairs or long-term project management, will only be as sound as the contractor you choose. If so, you probably already know how important it is to partner with the right team for your roofing projects. It begins by knowing what you should look for in a roof. Check out these 7 tips to help guide you to make the right decision:

1. Check for Proper Licensing and Insurance

The first thing you should check with your roofing contractor is their license and insurance coverage. They should be legally licensed to perform home improvement projects as well as general contractor services. Roofing is a risky job. Workers must be provided with the right tools, materials, safety equipment and most importantly, mandatory insurance. This will cover the workers in the event someone is injured during your roofing project. Roofing contractors should have two insurance policies, (1) workers' compensation for injuries with no exclusions of proprietor, partner, executive, or office member, and (2) general liability for damages.

2. Ask for Multiple Service Options

Inquire about different service options. A dependable roofing contractor should be able to offer various choices: roof repair and maintenance; roof restoration; and, full roof replacement. Having service options cuts down the need for multiple vendors and creates familiarity for your existing roofing contractor. This familiarity with your properties helps streamline roofing work.

3. Know the Contract Details

Legal details are very important in handling large or multiple properties. Make sure that you check and review the contract details thoroughly and ask for a breakdown of expenses. Most often than not, projects needs change and your contractor has to revise their original estimate. Ask for documentation to prove it and don’t sign anything if it doesn’t make sense. Ensure that each aspect of the project is covered. 

4. Look at past work

A lot of roofing contractors handle residential installations but are not really experienced in larger projects for commercial properties or apartment complexes. Commercial roofing is a lot different than residential roofing and requires a different skill set. Ask for overall experience in commercial roofing and some addresses that the company has completed in the past. If you would like to learn more about the differences in Residential vs Commercial Roofing, check you our check out our video here.

5. Consider Future Maintenance & Unexpected Repairs

Future needs and unexpected repairs may arise and you want to make sure your roofing installation contractor will be there for you by the time & not just completely disappear after they finish the initial project. Check if they have emergency services and if they'll arrive quickly when you call. You need to choose a roofing contractor who offers ongoing support for commercial & multi-family properties.

6. Are Annual Roof Inspections Included?

In optimizing a roof's lifetime, roof inspection and consistent maintenance are important and should usually be conducted on an annual or bi-annual basis. At least two roof inspections a year are recommended: one in the spring and one in the fall after the harsh summer and winter weather. Additionally, it is recommended that you have your roof inspected after any damage, such as construction, fire, or a serious storm.

7. Ask What Happens If You’re Unsatisfied with the Work

There is always a risk that everything will not go exactly as expected, no matter how carefully you plan a project. If a mistake occurs, how does the company handle it? This is something that you need to know beforehand.

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